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Shock Announcement Sees Bad Religion Pulling Out of Tour Dates


Bad Religion announces that a band member has contracted COVID-19 so they have decided to “remove themselves” from their tour for at least the next 48 hours.

Bad Religion has confirmed, in an Instagram post, that they are pulling out of their U.S. shows with Alkaline Trio and War on Women. The show is currently in the Northwest U.S. portion of the tour.

Bad Religion’s post reads: “A band member has tested positive for Covid. We will be removing ourselves from the tour for the next 48 hours to assess our options regarding the remaining shows with Alkaline Trio and War On Women.

“We are saddened by and apologize for this abrupt development. Alkaline Trio and War on Women put on a hell of a show and will be continuing with the tour. Please go support them. Thank you for being patient with this developing situation. Stay safe and take care of each other.”

Alkaline Trio confirmed that they would continue on the tour with War on Women, stating in a post on their socials that they “..are bummed” that Bad Religion wouldn’t be touring with them. They passed on well wishes to their touring mates and, like Bad Religion, didn’t name the member who tested positive.

Bad Religion has been a mainstay in the Punk Rock scene since the ’80s, with their most recent album ‘Age of Unreason’ released back in 2019, but due to the Covid-19 pandemic, in 2020 they were unable to tour -the first time since 1980.

The band’s announcement sadly puts into doubt the final three dates at Portland in Orlando and Hollywood, California.

War on Women kept quiet on Bad Religion’s announcement with their Instagram page, just letting everyone know that they were looking forwards to playing Seattle.

Punktuation will keep you up to date with further updates when they become available.

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