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Settle Your Scores New Single Takes You Back In Time

Go dig out your cassette tapes! The Cincinnati pop-punk five-piece release an epic new single that rewinds time back to 1999

Settle Your Scores latest single, 1999, captures the feeling many have more than likely had over the last 12 months; the yearning to return to a time when life was free from the pressures of adulthood.

Recently featured on Alternative Press’ list of “10 Next-Gen Pop-Punk Bands Who Will Transport You Back To The 2000’s”, the band’s new single was produced by Nick Ingram at Capital House Studio (Hawthorne Heights) and offers a fresh take on a sound which is brimming with nostalgic sensibility.

“Someone take me back to 1999
What I would give for one more night
Of feeling carefree and living ?asy
If I could just go back in time to 1999
Then I could finally get things right
I wish th? good days were like a mixtape
That I could just rewind’ Settle Your Scores,’1999′

Formed in late 2014, Settle Your Scores released their first full-length album at the beginning of 2016, the Ohio natives quickly made a name for themselves, touring frequently across the US. Their second album, Better Luck Tomorrow, was released in April 2018 via SharpTone Records.

Their new label, Mutant League Records recently welcomed the band onboard and hinted to fans to ‘watch for an album announcement soon’. No doubt there are bigger things ahead for the Cincinnati pop-punks.

Settle Your Scores are: Christian Fisher – Vocals, Ricky Uhlenbrock – Guitar/Vocals, Patrick Bryant – Guitar, Jeffrey Borer – Bass/Vocals and Caleb Smith – Drums/Percussion.

1999 is out now and can be streamed HERE.

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