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San Francisco pop-punk band Pansy Division announce 30th anniversary West Coast shows

When Pansy Division began in 1991 in San Francisco, they were one of the first US band to to be so open about their sexuality. Kicking off on June 30 they celebrate their 30th anniversary with a trio of gigs.

Pansy Division will make their way to Palm Springs, Los Angeles, and Oakland for some much anticipated gigs starting on June 30.

Forming in 1991, Pansy Division was one of the first openly gay rock bands in the US. Throughout their career, the band unveiled albums on Lookout! Records and Alternative Tentacles.

Vocalist Jon Ginoli said this about the rise of LGBTQ+ artists in the world today: “There is so much of it now that I can’t keep track of it, and that’s a far cry from when we were starting out. If more people had been out then, especially in rock, we might not have felt the need to start this band in the first place. But there wasn’t, so we did, and being so open, unapologetic, blunt and fun about it means it still resonates today.”

While band members are busy with their own lives, Ginoli hopes to accomplish one major goal soon.

“We have played 976 shows in our 30-year career and we want to get to a thousand. Since we all have our own lives and careers and are geographically separated from one another, it may take a while, but we hope to get there.”

Pansy Division’s last studio album was 2016’s Quite Contrary.

Pansy Division tour dates

June 30th – Palm Springs, CA @ The Alibi

July 1st – Los Angeles, CA @ Zebulon

July 3rd – Oakland, CA @ Mosswood Meltdown Festival

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