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Round Two: Lydon Ready To Take The Gloves Off!

John Lydon flew into the UK on Friday from his home in LA, to get ready for his date with the High Court on Tuesday, and as the 65-year-old punk veteran has taken part in the Test To Release scheme he’s already been seen out and about in the capital.

Lydon flew back to the UK from California on Friday, and government rules state anyone entering the UK from America has to quarantine for 10 days on arrival and take multiple negative COVID tests before they can leave isolation. However, it is possible to reduce this time period if you pay to take part in the Test to Release scheme. 

The Sex Pistols are heading back to the High Court as they fight each other over licencing their music to Danny Boyle‘s Sex Pistols TV drama.

John Lydon with his manager John Stevensger
John Lydon with his manager John Stevensger ©Mailonline

John Lydon is being sued by his bandmates after he refused to give permission for their hits to be used in ‘Pistol,’ the six-part mini-series based on Pistols guitarist Steve Jones‘ 2016 memoir Lonely Boy: Tales From a Sex Pistol that is due to air on the Disney owned American streaming service FX next year.

Lydon is opposed to the Disney adaptation because he claims it is going ahead without his consultation or consent and previously said: “Poor old Johnny Rotten is the victim of Mickey Mouse”.

pistols 2
The Sex Pistols in happier days (well slightly happier at least.)

Lydon has said “It isn’t going to happen. Not without a huge, enormous fucking fight.”

Lydon has refused permission for the band’s songs to be used in the show, leading to this bitter High Court row erupting within the band over who controls the music.

A High Court judge has begun considering the legal action by Steve Jones and drummer Paul Cook against Lydon.

Jonesy and Cookie lawyers say a 1998 band agreement means their music can be licensed for use after a majority decision of the band and former bassist Sid Vicious’ estate.

However, refusing to give permission for the music to be included in the series, Lydon insists the decision must be unanimous and that he doesn’t want the band’s songs to be used.

Lydon’s UK barrister Mark Cunningham QC insisted “Mr Lydon is adamant that he will not give permission.

The Pistols are throwing legal punches in the UK’s highest court

“Mr Lydon is highly motivated about the use that is made of his musical compositions because he cares about how his music is used, and judgements about approval or refusal are made accordingly,” said the QC.

The judge in the case, Judge Murray Rosen, considered preliminary issues in the case at an online hearing in May. Details of the dispute were outlined in written legal arguments, produced by barristers representing all sides, given to the judge.

A trial date is likely to be set on Tuesday.

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