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RISE AGAINST Excite Fans Promising New Music

rise against

“We have new music, we have it all – this isn’t the end, this is just a new beginning.”

– Tim McIlrath

Many believe that Rise Against’s music is the purest representation of modern day punk ethos. With their strong social and political stance they have become one of the most respected punk bands around. Their vast catalogue of songs range from circle pit monsters to festival torch wavers. Combining this with their charity work, constant touring and genuine interest in their fans is the exact reason Rise Against have the admiration and respect of not only fans but peers throughout the music industry.  

Frontman Tim McIlrath spoke to Karrang! recently touching on subjects from new music to their own teenagers. He pointed out how Covid19 has provided time, not only for the band to reflect, but sees “the whole world as having that reflection at the same time.”

In a whiff of what’s to come next McIlrath also mention they had a whole album of songs waiting to go, saying “The one thing that we have decided is that we don’t want to feel rushed, we’ll put out the record when it’s done, not to try and meet some deadline.” It’s not much but still enough to give fans something to look forward to in a time when everyone is wondering, ‘what comes next’.

Keep an eye on what’s happening with Rise Against by following them on their social media platforms.

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