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RISE AGAINST Announces New Album, ‘Nowhere Generation’

Rise Against is back with a provocative and dynamic new album, ‘Nowhere Generation‘, the group’s first new studio effort in four years.

On the upcoming release, Rise Against points the finger at big business and politics for stacking the social and economical deck against Millennials’, Gen Y’s and Gen Z’s pursuit of The American Dream.

Musically, the album is blazing, aggressive punk rock; lyrically, the eleven songs were inspired in part by input from band members’ young children and Rise Against’s community of fans. “Nowhere Generation” is set for a June 4 release and is Rise Against’s first with new label Loma Vista Recordings.

Frontman Tim McIlrath said: “Today there is the promise of the American Dream, and then there is the reality of the American Dream. America’s ‘historical norm’ that the next generation will be better off than the one that came before has been diminished by an era of mass social, economic, and political instability and a sell-out of the Middle Class.

“The brass ring that was promised by hard work and dedication no longer exists for everyone. When the privileged climb the ladder of success and then burn it from the top, disruption becomes the only answer.”

rise against

Also, today Rise Against debuts the ‘Nowhere Generation’ music video, a stark-yet-dynamic piece shot entirely in black and white that contributes to the cohesive cross-campaign theme of the album: the critique of mainstream pop culture and those at the top who actively work to suppress true equality for all.

“When the privileged climb the ladder of success and then burn it from the top, disruption becomes the only answer.” Tim McIlrath, Rise Against

The video also provides a first look at the visual motif that is woven throughout all aspects of the Nowhere Generation project, such as the album packaging and the band’s socials.

For the ‘Nowhere Generation‘ project, the band worked with the Grammy-nominated creative director Brian Roettinger (Jay-ZFLORENCE AND THE MACHINENO AGE) to craft an impressive and truly inspired capsule of album offerings. Those include:

  • CD in a soft pack jacket with a multi-page lyric booklet
  • 12-inch, limited edition vinyl picture disc (exclusive to the band’s webstore)
  • Deluxe album edition with a distinctive spinning wheel gatefold jacket with die-cut front cover; a 12-page album art booklet insert, and a bonus 7″ featuring two Nowhere Session” versions of album standouts ‘Nowhere Generation’ and ‘Broken Dreams, Inc.‘ special vinyl colour variants for retail worldwide as well as the band’s webstore.

A standard vinyl format that includes a single sleeve, dorado paper-wrapped jacket, with a lyric insert featuring metallic ink; multiple special vinyl colour variants for select retailers as well as the band’s webstore.
Exclusive versions of the album, on vinyl and CD available at Target in the US. A jacket with exclusive interchangeable inserts and special coloured vinyl for the LP and a bonus ‘Nowhere Session’ song on the CD.

Nowhere Generation is set for a June 4 release

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