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Yur Mum release new track 'New Beginnings'

Release Date: 10th August
Record Label: Released via Bandcamp and Spotify

Brazilian duo Anelise Kunz and Fabio Couto performed a triumphant set at Rebellion Festival last weekend and gave us a live taste of new single ‘New Beginnings‘. It’s the heavy yet melodic sound the 2-piece do so well with Munz’s trademark roar carrying over Couto’s powerful drums. No official vid yet so check out this footage of them performing the song live in the Winter Gardens Pavilion. 

Stream HERE

NOBRO suggest 'Let's Do Drugs'

Release Date: 11th August
Record Label: Dine Alone Records

Canada’s NOBRO are thinking back to their wild party days and yearn for just one more wild night, in new single ‘Let’s Do Drugs‘. The band have the likes of Iggy Pop as a fan and this new single follows up a string of successful singles and EPs including 2022’s ‘Live Your Truth and Shred Some Gnar. This new track is a fun, spiky, party-fuel banger. 

Get your streaming options HERE. 

Berlin based Maggot Heart releases new single

Release Date: 8th August
Record Label: Rapid Eye Records/Svart Records

The post punk band Maggot Heart give us a taste of what’s to come in their upcoming album ‘Hunger‘ (out in September) with their new track ‘This Shadow‘. It’s a great combination of goth fuzz and punk edge that singer Linnéa Olsson described as ‘simple on the surface, complex underneath’. 

You can listen to the track and pre order the album HERE.

Indie punk quartet Goo release debut EP

Release Date: 11th August 

If you’re looking for the soundtrack to your Summer then you want some melodic, bouncy, indie-fused punk rock and Goo have got that in spades. Hailing from Keighley, West Yorkshire, this 4 piece started life in 2020 and ‘Chomp‘ is their debut EP. Containing the singles ‘Rush‘, ‘Call In Sick‘ and ‘De Novo‘ , this 6-track release is a gem of pop-injected grunge tones from a great up and coming band. Give it a listen!


Get the EP HERE.

Sundressed release self-titled new album

Release Date: 11th August
Record Label: Rude Records

Sundressed are all about music as catharsis and tackling tough topics that can provide some solace or inspiration for fans. Frontman Trevor Hedges began the band over 10 years ago as a way of maintaining his sobriety and the band’s lyrics tackle issues around mental health and finding ways through dark times. The new album- ‘Sundressed‘ – features the recent singles ‘Fuck It Up‘ and ‘Bad Drugs‘ have trademark confessional lyrics set to a soundtrack of punk-infused melodies and riffs. 

Get your listening options HERE

Gen and the Degenerates have a new punk anthem

Release Date: 9th August
Record Label: Marshall Records

“This song is the song of the Summer”- so sings vocalist Genevieve Glynn-Reeves in the new track ‘Big Hit Single‘ and it is hard to disagree with her sentiment. It’s a tongue-in-cheek, vitriolic track that takes a side swipe at the record label who asked the band to “write another track like the song that did well“. It may have started out as a bit of an eff-you to the record execs but the resulting punk rock/ garage disco track is so good they may have just gone and done it. Expect irreverent vocal attitude and fuzzed guitars.

Get your listening options HERE.

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