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New video from post punks Octavian Winters

Release Date: 2nd August 
Record Label: Stratis Capta Records

The San Francisco foursome have released a new track- ‘Undertow‘-  taken from their debut EP ‘The Line of Curve‘ (due for release 13th October). The band formed in 2022 and draw on darkwave and post-punk influences a la Bauhaus or Sisters of Mercy. 

New track ‘Undertow’ is atmospheric and ominous, with rich layers of synth and vocal harmonies and was loosely inspired by Hans Christian Anderson’s story of the little matchgirl. 

Stream via Apple Music, Spotify and Bandcamp

Meet Turkish Punks Literally Anything Before Bros

Release Date: 1st August
Record Label: Godless America Records

Turkish punk band Literally Anything Before Bros have just released their debut full-length album ‘Gone Feral.’ The album is comprised of 13 tracks that combine riot grrrl fury with melodic indie punk softness, exploring themes ranging from friendship, love, healing, body politics, and anarchic visions.

Upon the dissolution of their previous band Secondhand Underpants, lead singer, Fulden, and drummer, Selenay, recorded ‘Gone Feral’ in 2022

Stream on Spotify HERE

Alt Punk Rockers Lex Maria releases new EP "Ghosts"

Release Date: 1st August
Record Label: Static Shock Records

Lex Maria hails from the famous bathing resort Malmö, in Sweden. “We say we are an indie punk band playing some sort of alternative rock, but we float in and out of  genres including cat image influenced, sexually frustrated alternative rock.”

Noisy rock and alternative rock of the late ’80s and ’90s is what they grew up with and have always been present in their music. The band has been around for a couple of years, and the latest constellation got together in 2020.

Listening to “Ghosts” EP HERE

Brazilian Punk Rock band Mars Addict - drop single

Release Date: 13 July
Record Label: Self Release

Hailing from São Paulo, Mars Addict was formed in January 2018. The band says their sound combines the intensity of Punk Rock (RAMONES, RANCID) with melodies from the origins of Rock’n’Roll (BEATLES and ROLLING STONES).

Their single’ The Vast Of Night’ was inspired by the movie of the same name. The band wanted to reproduce the tension and mystery of the movie with their alt punk vibes. The song will be part of their second album, to be released later in the year.

Check them out on Facebook HERE.

UK noise rock/punk outfit Spits Milk drops new album

Release Date: 29th July
Record Label: Cruel Nature Recordings

Have you ever stubbed your toe and it feels so sharp it makes you lash out and kick something else? Yeah? Okay so that’s what it feels like to listen to Spits Milk  LP ‘Hell’s Lapels’. The band hail from Birmingham (UK) the home of tote bags and….erm, the bull ring.

Recorded in the bowels of Birmingham (UK) in 2022, ‘Hells Lapels’ the first full length record by Spits Milk pushes boundaries and crosses genres. Slumped somewhere between punk, doom, noise and pop ‘Hells Lapels’ has drawn comparisons to Melvins, Idles, Oxes and Sonic youth. 

Visit their Bandcamp Here

Australian Band Wolf & Chain Release 'Phantom'

Release Date: 4th August
Record Label: Self-released

Wolf & Chain, the Adelaide-based alt-rock/pop-punk outfit  return with a goosebump-inducing single, ‘Phantom’.

Phantom’ was born out of the band’s time at a secluded farm, where they retreated to record demos and immerse themselves in the creative process. During their stay, the band members fell ill and encountered a dark, looming presence that influenced their songwriting. The result is a haunting and powerful track that documents their journey of self-discovery, defying the challenges they have each faced.

Stream Wolf & Chain on Apple Music HERE. 

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