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Post punks Meteor Police release debut LP

Release Date: 28th July
Record Label: Atlantic Heavy Industries

Formed in 2021, NJ 4-piece release their debut album ‘New Type Destroyer‘ and its an eclectic mix of all the sounds that have made NJ a punk hub. There’s a mix of hardcore raw force, surf rock intricacies and a lot of post punk snarl. Tracks like the bass heavy ‘Incel King‘ tackles the toxic blame culture of inceldom, whilst tracks like the opener ‘We Killed Davy Crockett‘ and ‘Vampire Squid‘ show the band can throw down and go fast with the best punk bands. 

Buying from Bandcamp HERE

Bush Tetras release first LP in 11 years

Release Date: 28th July
Record Label: Wharf Cat Records

Legendary NY band Bush Tetras were key figures in the Lower East Side No Wave Scene, influencing the likes of Sonic Youth.Their 2018 EP ‘Take The Fall‘ was their first new music in a decade and now the band are back with a full length album ‘They Live In My Head‘. It’s only their 3rd full length album since 1979 and does channel some of the musical experiences and memories that only such an active, significant band could have lived through. 


Hex Poseur shares new video 'Eat It'

Release Date: 25th July
Record Label: Manic Kat Records

Taken from her most recent album ‘Stunning‘, Leicester’s own feminist punk Hex Poseur is back with a new video for biting, swirling, heavy track ‘Eat It‘. The new album takes aim at ageist, sexist and oppressive institutions like Hollywood and turns the spotlight on the impacts of celebrity culture and sexualisation of women in the public eye. 

You can stream the album HERE

Velvet Fist back with new EP 'Space Face'

Release Date: 28th July
Record Label: Self released

Following on from their debut EP ‘Premature Emasculation’ last year (what a great name btw, check it out in the vid below), Leeds trash punks Velvet Fist are back with another three tracks that are great fun despite tackling some incredibly serious topics such as intergalactic travel and French people being in love with grapefruits. It’s three tracks of silliness sure, but with great riffs and catchy choruses. 

Get your streaming options HERE

Eryx London share new single 'Broken'

Release Date: 24th July
Record Label: Both Eyes Open

After something a bit heavier this week? Then Eryx London have you covered with spiky new track ‘Broken‘. Taken from their upcoming album ‘Blagger‘ (scheduled for release on August 26th), this heavy, bristling hardcore banger is powerful and playful. And if you like what you hear, the band are playing at the Rebellion Festival next weekend so if you’re going, make sure you catch them!

Make sure you’re following the band and keep an eye out for their album. Streaming HERE.

Acoustic punks Public Mess release debut EP

Release Date: 31st July
Record Label: Anxiety Attack Recordings

So punk isn’t all heavy guitars and frantic, breakneck vocals- there’s a place for acoustic folk-punk and Toronto’s newest group Public Mess are here to show us how it’s done. Their EP ‘Too Many Ghosts‘ is 18 minutes of anthemic and soulful punk rock with a great vocal turn by Cactus Vella. It’s the heart of punk rock with the musicianship of a trio of artists who have been around the Toronto music scene for decades and bring a whole lot of raw feeling to these five tracks. ‘Too Many Ghosts‘ is out Monday 31st July on all streaming services. 

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