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Nashville's Snõõper release DIY debut

Release Date: 14th July
Record Label: Third Man Records

Springing outta Nashville, this 5-piece make short, fast, energetic (and quite fun) snippets of raw punk rock. 

Their most recent singles- ‘Fitness‘ and ‘Powerball‘- have wickedly inventive videos featuring some chaotic puppetry, neither track getting over the 2 minute mark.

Their debut album- ‘Super Snõõper‘ has been hotly anticipated and it is 16 tracks packed full of raucous punk mayhem that doesn’t take itself too seriously. 

Buying/streaming options HERE

London-based Powerplant release 'Grass' EP

Release Date: 14th July
Record Label: Static Shock Records

Dubbed ‘hardcore’s weirdest band’ by Loud and Quiet, Powerplant follow up their 2019 LP ‘People in the Sun‘. This new 5-track release that keeps the bedroom-production sound but it’s clear the band have matured with bandleader Theo Zhykharyev taking chances and branching out with new instruments and bold samples. 

There’s different moods explored  across 10 minutes and a triumphant return to the scene by a band with a lot more life in them yet. 

Buy the EP HERE

Love Ethic's new video is plastic fantastic!

Release Date: 13th July
Record Label: Self-released

Yes it is a Barbie-themed video for ‘The End of An Era‘, but no, it’s not a happy-go-lucky kid’s tale. Instead it is a rather trippy, existentially unsettling video that matches the breathless, frantic energy of the track. The noisy Pittsburgh trio channel appreciation of bands such as Minutemen and Melvins into 90s-inspired indie punk that generally defies genres. The track is from their debut album ‘The Thinking Man’s Redux‘ which was released earlier this year.

The album is available on all major streaming services, or you can purchase HERE

Destroy Boys release second single of 2023

Release Date: 13th July
Record Label: Hopeless Records

The California punks recently wrapped up a touring stint with Blink 182 and Turnstile and are now headlining their own shows across the US with more touring over the Summer, including a brief trip to Europe. Amongst a busy year of live dates, the band still manage to find time to put out a few new tracks. ‘Shadow (I’m Breaking Down)‘ is their second (and latest) single this year (a follow up to their rip-roaring ‘Beg For The Torture‘). This track sees them in a more introspective space but with the powerhouse punk edge they are known for. 

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Hardcore band Hold My Own Know All The Lies

Release Date: 13 July
Record Label: DAZE

Hailing from Chicago and New Jersey, Hold My Own are creating 100% pure, in-your-face hardcore. Their new single ‘All The Lies’  draws from bands like Biohazard, Bulldoze, and Sheer Terror. This track is straight up mean with high-speed, beefy riffs meant for moshing.
Guitarist Anchit Chhabra says the track is about “people bogging your life with lies and bullshit that do nothing but bring you down. But when you realise that paying that no mind and doing your own thing will get you where you need to be in the end.”

Get your streaming and purchasing options HERE.

Indie-punks Spanish Love Songs swing the Pendulum

Release Date: 12th July
Record Label: Pure Noise Records

The LA-formed quintet have released a string of great albums – 2015’s ‘Giant Sings The Blues’, 2018’s ‘Schmaltz’ and 2020’s ‘Brave Faces Everyone’ – all loved by critics and fans alike for their richly personal, lyricism awash in existential dread, hyper-personal cultural ruminations and attempts to answer life’s big questions.
Vocalist Dylan Slocum reveals ‘Pendulum’ is about death. “It’s someone on the verge of dying alone in a hospital; someone with dementia; a friend who has decided to end it on their own terms. We’ve all lost someone.”

Check Their Tour Dates Here

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