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New Punk Releases 25th August 2023

Join the Pity Party and check out their new EP!

Release Date: 24th August
Record Label: SBÄM Records

California pop punks Pity Party release their new EP ‘Sick Sad World Survival Guide‘ and it’s a mixture of some re-recordings of their older tracks, a brand new track ‘Ionize My Enemies‘ and a surprise cover of a certain Britney Spears track! It’s a great collection of 6 tracks, packed with vigour and creativity but also able to tackle issues around mental health- a topic the band have long been passionate about. Singer and guitarist Sarah Levy said the songs come from “our early 20’s, doing dumb shit, watching close friends pass away, holding each other through the worst and finding ourselves on the other side.

Get your streaming/purchasing options HERE.

Aussie punks Outer Control release new track

Release Date: 19th August
Record Label: Self released

Just sneaking in at the very end of last week, we wanted to highlight this release- ‘Apocalyptic Calamity‘ – from melodic skate punks Outer Control. Describing themselves as stuck in 1998, this 4 piece are keeping our catchy punk rock dreams alive. And there are worse years to be stuck in than 1998. This track is a great slice of hard, fast melodic punk which tackles the struggle with the dark side that we all sometimes face. Oh and it’s got a great ‘woah-oh’ chorus!

You can watch the video below and stream HERE

MoonKill share first track from new demo

Release Date: 21st August
Record Label: Thoughts Words Action

Austin band MoonKill release the first track from their forthcoming demo- giving us a taste of the punk-metal fury that awaits us when their collection of new material is released later in the year. ‘Dead Holiday‘ is a brooding and ragged slice of punk with a hint of Misfits vocal style and dark overtones. The band combine their musical interests to bring a cocktail of punk, hardcore and space rock to make their own quintessential noise combo. We look forward to hearing more from this  4 piece. 

Check it out HERE. 

Raisin Awareness are back with new track

Release Date: 22nd August
Record Label: Lockjaw Records

They’re the punk trio with our favourite pun in their name- it’s Raisin Awareness and they are, well, RAISING awareness of depression and anxiety in their new track ‘No More‘. Lead vocalist and guitarist Jo D says: “The line, ‘it’s like Piccadilly Circus inside of my head,’ metaphorically illustrates the chaotic nature of my mental health battles.” The 3-piece are a passionate pop punk band formed in 2020 who put out their melody driven dance pop fused with a bit of skate punk for good measure. 

Stream the single HERE

Indie punks The Wytches have a new track

Release Date: 24th August
Record Label: Alcopop! Records

Brighton band The Wytches have released their new track ‘Zep Step‘ on limited edition 7″ single which is available exclusively from Alcopop! Records’ online store. But you can give the new swirling riff-driven track a listen by checking out the video below. The vinyl will be pressed on actual x-rays, inspired by the work of Soviet dissidents in the 50s who to press forbidden music on x rays from local hospitals. The track is taken from forthcoming album ‘Our Guest Can’t Be Named’ out on 22nd September.

Stream the track HERE. 

C.O.F.F.I.N release new track 'Factory Man'

Release Date: 24th August
Record Label: Bad Vibrations 

They’re the Sydney smashers with the name with all the full stops- C.O.F.F.I.N have released the next single from their forthcoming album ‘Australia Stops‘. It’s got a pretty tidy riff and a rugged vocal that makes this track the pure rock that C.O.F.F.I.N have delivered with pretty consistent quality over their 18 years as a band. ‘Factory Man‘ showcases one side of a multi faceted band that are still exploring and cementing their sound even all these years into their career- showing that they have no intention of slowing down or compromising their credibility.   

Pre-Order the album HERE

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