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New Punk Releases - 18th August 2023

As Friends Rust address life's complexities

Release Date: 17th August 
Record Label: End Hits Records

Melodic hardcore band As Friends Rust tackle the topic that hardcore is so good at articulating- the struggle to live up to personal ideals of tackling injustice and encouraging creativity when you have to expend energy fighting the daily grind. ‘No Gods, Some Masters‘ is a gruff and sharp sounding track from a band who are prepping us for the release of their new album ‘Any Joy‘ out on Sept 8th.  It will be the first new release from the group since 2020 and is being described as “focused, confrontational and catchy“. 

Stream the new track HERE.

Pre order the album HERE.

The Pleasure Dome take us Down the Alley!

Release Date: 15th August
Record Label: Hound Gawd! Records

Bristol punk trio The Pleasure Dome give us a taste of their upcoming album ‘Equinox‘ with the release of new single ‘Down The Alley‘.  Addressing a traumatic child memory of frontman Bobby Spender, it’s a raucous bit of  punk rawk with a swirling guitar and slightly blues-tinged breakdown. All ably brought together under Spender’s increasingly frantic vocals. The band are on tour throughout the Autumn so be sure to check if they’re playing in a city near you!

Stream the new track HERE

Pre order the album HERE


The Unit Ama release new album 'Toward'

Release Date: 18th August
Record Label: Gringo Records

No one can accuse Newcastle post-hardcore band The Unit Ama of being too prolific- this is their second album release in two decades. But for fans of Fugazi or Slint and the like, this will be worth the wait as the band channel their musical knowledge and influences into a release that straddles different genres and defies too much pigeon-holing. The resulting 8 tracks are intricate and intentional- check out lead single ‘Observe Yourself‘ to see the band thoughtful and heavy.

Pre-Order ‘TowardHERE

Watch the video for ‘Observe Yourself’ below.


Destroy Boys share new music video

Release Date: 17th August
Record Label: Hopeless Records

The band have just finished a stint supporting pop punk legends Blink 182 and continue touring over the Summer with their own headlining shows. But it’s not been all gigging and no releasing, as we have yet another new single from Destroy Boys- ‘Shadow (I’m Breaking Down)‘. The track tackles issues of mental health (seeing your shadow), a topic that the band are always willing to confront head on. They’re music is as nuanced and complex as the topics they cover and this indie-punk banger is another great single!

Stream the track HERE.

Check out the video below.

Bearings bring some pop punk fun to Summer

Release Date: August 18th 
Record Label: Pure Noise Records

Now for something more light and poppy- just what we need to brighten up August! Ottawa-based pop punk quintet Bearings release their new album ‘The Best Part About Being Human‘ and despite the fact they’re from the Great White North, the sound is pure California sunshine. It’s a winning pop punk formula, all catchy melodic riffs and upbeat tempo. “We just wanted to make a fun record” says vocalist Dougie Cousins of the album- and they’ve certainly succeeded. 

Get your purchasing options HERE.

Check out the latest single from the album- ‘Slip‘- below. 

Fiddlehead release awaited album and new single

Release Date: 18th August 
Record Label:Run For Cover Records

Following the single ‘Sleepyhead‘ that was released in July, Fiddlehead are spoiling fans this week with a new single and the long-awaited new album. ‘Fifteen to Infinity‘ was the single released on Monday from the album ‘Death is Nothing To Us‘ that is out today. The Boston 5-piece blend hardcore weight and power with melodic sensibilities, singalong choruses and punk grit and edge. The new album completes the thematic trilogy that began with their previous two releases. 

Get your album purchasing options HERE

Check out the video for newest single ‘Fifteen to Infinity‘ below. 

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