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Puppy prove that every dog has its day with new single ‘Shame’

UK rockers release third single from their upcoming ‘Pure Evil’ album.

London rock band, Puppy has released their incredible and introspective brand new single Shame through Rude Records. Following on from both The Kiss (currently zooming past 100,000 streams on Spotify) and consequently …And Watched it Glow, Shame shows a different side to Puppy, with its sombre and spooky tone.  

Shame is possibly our favourite song on the album (although they’re all stone-cold rippers). It marks a big step forward for us creatively in our minds because you’ve still got all the hallmarks of our “sound” (sweet harmony guitars, sad boi lyrics), but set against these big snappy grooves between the drums and bass. We wanted you to be able to blast it out your low rider with the windows down whilst analyzing your life choices and maybe crying a bit.”

The song is taken from the band’s upcoming album Pure Evil, released on May 6 via Rude Records.

Pure Evil is an album created from a forced upon circumstance. Like so much music and art the last few years. Whilst not influencing any of it in any way, the current pandemic has undoubtedly created a specific path for Puppy and this brilliant album, for good and bad. Vocalist and guitarist Jock Norton explains’ a bit about marrying creative drive with a global health meltdown.

“We had to dig fairly deep to find the purpose in doing any of it because the global narrative was rightly shifted to more important things. But I think, to be honest, that sort of introspection had filtered through into other aspects of our lives, so being able to record this album sort of gave us a bit of purpose and something to cling to.

“Ultimately for us, we wanted to feel engaged and productive and useful, even if it was only for ourselves and each other. Like I said, there’d be times when it would feel a bit meaningless, but getting to a place where you’re comfortable with that and happy to let the work be its own reward really helped us grow as a band and as people I think.”  

Summing up this excellent new album and the struggle to create and carry on during all of *this*, Jock puts it neatly and perfectly: “To us, the whole thing feels like a time capsule of this weird limbo period, and I think that comes across on the album, or at least I hope it does. Postcards from the edge or whatever.”

Pure Evil is now available for pre-order and pre-save Here 

‘Pure Evil’ tracklisting

01. Shining Star

02. The Kiss

03. My Offer

04. Wasted Little Heart

05. Hear My Word

06. Spellbound

07. Dear John

08. … And Watched It Glow

09. Holy Water

10. Sacrifice

11. Angel

12. Shame

13. Glacial


You can catch Puppy on tour through the UK this May. Get ticket info Here.

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