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Punk Style Icon Jimmy Webb’s Charity Estate Sale Is Returning To New York

The personal art collection of the late, great, punk stylist will be exhibited in collaboration with youth charity Road Recovery.

For over twenty years, Jimmy Webb was the most talked about name in the New York punk fashion scene. As the long-time manager of the clothing boutique Trash and Vaudeville, he helped dress the likes of The Ramones, Debbie Harry and Iggy Pop.

In 2017, he opened I Need More, his own punk fashion store in the heart of New York City. Sadly, in April 2020, Jimmy lost his battle with cancer and took his place in the punk hall of fame. Despite not being a musician himself, his contributions and friendships within the music industry made him a household name.

Jimmy Webb

Jimmy’s estate was first exhibited in New York at The Morrison Hotel Gallery in December 2020. After a roaring success, the organisers and collaborators have returned to showcase the rest of his collection.

The exhibition will feature his personal collection of music photography from years gone by, and New York artist and gallery director Marcelle Murdock will also be dressing the gallery space to resemble Webb’s bedroom.

As well as artist collaborations, the event will also be supporting not-for-profit youth charity, Road Recovery. The youth mentoring group has a long history of support and engagements with Jimmy Webb. When he was at Trash and Vaudeville, he’d invite Road Recovery youth from the Trax Program peer support meetings to come down to the store. He’d often give them clothing for free or simply engage in mentoring type chats to support their battle with adversities.

Jimmy Webb

The historic collection which first made its debut last December sees a long-awaited, in-person unveiling at TheMorrison Hotel Gallery. The exhibition is available for one week only from Wednesday, November 17th – Wednesday, November 24th.

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