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Busy and hectic Saturday night in Germany’s capital. The Berlin Senate finally let us dance again. Also, guess what? Die Ärzte dropped a new video last Friday.

Die Ärzte, one of the most popular German punk bands, released their album “Hell” in October 2020. Now, only a year later, they are dropping another album, “Dunkel” (“Dark”), which is set to hit all streaming services on September 24.

The video for “Noise”, the band’s new single was premiered last Friday at midnight. It features guest appearances by actor Bjarne Mädel and Die Toten Hosen drummer Vom Ritchie. A typical and recognisable tune by the popular Berliner trio – with guitar, bass, drums, solid tempo, catchy melody, and a great Die Ärzte killer hook.

According to the first reviews and comments of the fans – everyone seems to love it. There is no surprise there, as the song is radiating with much-needed positive vibes after what feels like a hundred years of pandemic-related restrictions, lockdowns, and bad times for the live music industry.

As the chorus of the latest song by The Ärzte suggests – “es wird Zeit für etwas Neues” (“It is time for something new”). It seems to fit quite well, as the date of the federal parliamentary elections in Germany is approaching on September 26th.

Whether it coincides with the elections or not, Deutschpunk tends to get all political. The Oldenburg punks Drunken Swallows released the video to the song “Mund aufmachen, weitersagen!” (“Open your mouth, spread the word!”) earlier this September as well.

The song is about speaking one’s mind because “If we keep silent, the world will get worse” and “we should not let wars and hate still exist”.

The video has guest stars including the members of ZSK, Abstürzende Brieftauben, Torfrock, Broken Eardrum, Champagner Punx, Dan Ganove, Die Erwins, Fetty Bord, Pauli Punker Records, Generation Television, amongst many others. The song appears on the band’s sixth studio album Herzlaut (heart sound), released earlier in August this year.

Drunken Swallows – Mund aufmachen, weitersagen! 2021

The summer is over, and the days are getting greyer and shorter, but another two Deutschpunk bands did not leave us empty-handed in terms of their latest releases.

Dritte Wahl from Rostock has recently dropped a new single, “Ali Baba”. The song was originally written by the Polish band Farben Lehre, who are celebrating their 35th anniversary this year. Moreover, the rising punk stars from Nuremberg, Bavaria Akne Kid Joe, released their third studio album Die Jungs von AKJ, on Kidnap Music.

Akne Kid Joe – Gestern, heute, morgen 2021

Last but not least, it seems like Berlin and Germany are ready to party again. Berlin does its best to slowly return to its pre-Covid state of sleepless nights, endless parties and its unique kind of “crazy”.

After a very long and depressing break, dancing events in closed rooms are now permitted. However, only vaccinated and Covid-recovered persons are allowed. The maximum number of guests is limited to 1,000 – in the case of mechanical ventilation, up to 2,000 people are allowed into a closed venue.

As the concerts and dancing are somewhat of an option again, as long as the organizers stick to the hygiene rules and concepts, the clubs and event organizers are regrouping to develop a proper program for the upcoming months.

Berlin’s cult punk palace, SO36, opened its doors again last Saturday with their Kreuzberg Calling party. With people queuing in front, the ’80s tunes blasting inside and the punks hanging in front of the neighbouring dive bar Franken, it felt like everything was almost back to that good old Berlin punk state of mind.

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