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Punk legend Jordan – aka Pamela Rooke – has died

Punk legend Jordan (aka Pamela Rooke) has died aged 66, her family have confirmed.

In a statement, her family revealed that Rooke “died peacefully a stone’s throw away from the sea in her home town of Seaford, East Sussex in the company of her loving family at 9pm” last night (April 3).

“Jordan (Pamela Rooke) has left her mark on this planet, whether it be as ‘The Queen of Punk’, or for her veterinary work and countless prize-winning cats,” the family continued. “She lived life to the full and was true to herself and others throughout the whole of her life. She was totally trusted and respected by all those who knew her.

“Jordan was a blessed rare individual indeed. She did not want any speculation regarding her passing, and wished for the world to know that after a short period of illness, she succumbed to a relatively rare form of cancer known as cholangiocarcinoma (bile duct cancer).”

“Jordan was a wonderful woman and will be remembered for countless decades to come,” her family added.

Rooke was a model who worked with Vivienne Westwood and helped create the W10 London punk look alongside Johnny Rotten, Soo Catwoman and Siouxsie Sioux.

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She also attended several early Sex Pistols concerts and can be seen in Julien Temple’s The Great Rock & Roll Swindle, appearing on stage with the Sex Pistols during their first live television performance of ‘Anarchy In The UK’ in August 1976.

Jordan will be played by Maisie Williams in Pistol, Danny Boyle’s forthcoming TV series about the Sex Pistols.

For a while back in the late ’70s Jordan also managed Adam & The Ants and went on to manage Wide Boy Awake in the 1980s.

In the late ’80s she became a veterinary nurse and bred Burmese cats.

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