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Punk fan trolls U.S. right-wing radio show by namedropping punk bands

A guy has gone viral for phoning up a conservative morning radio show and naming as ?many punk bands as he could before they caught on.

A video of a punk fan trolling a conservative radio station has gone viral on Twitter. Illustrator Rob Dobi phoned up the Life With Liz show under the name Bill, to troll them by naming as many punk bands as he could before the presenter caught on.

In fact, ?‘Bill’ did incredibly well, rattling through some slightly less conspicuous names like Sick Of It AllRancid, Misfits and Minor Threat (all fairly simple to slip into the conversation without someone cottoning on), However, Rob rather skillfully managed to slip in blink-182Reel Big Fish and Fall Out Boy too! Pretty impressive!

When ‘Bill’ got through to the show he said:

“One of my main problems is… I’m a Republican in a fairly liberal area, sometimes I feel like everyone is just Against Me!

“I feel like what we need to do is listen to what our Descendents told us. ?’Cause in the past we Refused to live a Life Of Agony. I’m Sick Of It All. I’m sick of people thinking we’re just a Minor Threat. Enough of that Fugazi. A lot of these people just got Bad Brains, that are Misfits that wave a Black Flag – they’re practically Anti-Flag. I think we need to Converge and help the Youth Of Today because every time you blink, 182 kids, they go missing…”

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