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Previously Unpublished Photos of The ’80s Hardcore Punk Rock Scene featured in new book

Photographer and music fan Kevin Salk releases ‘Punk: Photos From A Fan’s Perspective’ a book full of historical photos that capture the passion and the fury of LA’s ’80s Hardcore Punk Rock scene.

These days everyone walks around with a camera, and daily life can be recorded and viewed instantly worldwide. Life was a little different back in the early 1980s.

Self-professed teen punk Kevin Salk grew up in the laid back Californian seaside area of Manhattan Beach and studied photography at Mira Costa High School. As a way to get into shows for free, he decided to take pictures of the bands he loved with no real plan other than it was a way to interact with a captivating bunch of musicians and their fans.

Through his lens, Salk captured the raw power and emotions of the early hardcore scene that included bands such as Black Flag, Circle Jerks, Misfits, Minor Threat and Descendents. His style had an innocent and pure nature despite the intensity of the performances—a true fan’s perspective.

After graduating from High School in 1983, Kevin put away the camera and stored all the negatives in his bedroom closet. Over 35 years later, the photographs have been developed and are considered an essential part of Los Angeles punk rock music history.

It doesn’t matter if it was intuitive foresight or just pure luck, but the result is a record of memories, a way to validate and reflect on the origins of a genre.

Salk has featured numerous articles and podcasts and had a solo photography exhibit at Fathom Gallery in January 2020. His photographs will also be part of the permanent collection at the upcoming punk rock museum opening up in Las Vegas in 2022.

Salk’s mostly black and white images have been assembled into the brilliant new ‘must-have’ book, ‘Punk: Photos From A Fans Perspective.’

This book is definitely one to pop on to your list for Santa!

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