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Post-Punk Iconic Artwork Reimagined.

To celebrate Manchester’s place at the heart of Britain’s music and creative industries, Warner Music Artist Services, Joy Division and New Order collaborate with Selfridges to reinterpret Factory Records iconic artwork.

British record label Factory Records was undoubtedly one of the most influential yet maverick labels of the late ’70s to early ’90s. Legendary artists (most notably post-punk Joy Division and New Order), groundbreaking music and, of course, iconic artwork encapsulated the vision of founders Tony Wilson, Alan Erasmus and Peter Saville.

Now, fans will be able to get their hands on a whole range of products celebrating the label, exclusively at Selfridges.

In the early days, Factory was not just a record label but an ad-hoc, holistic enterprise that included posters, records, cassettes, films, concepts and concerts. Each of these was given its own individual FAC catalogue number starting with FAC1, Peter Saville’s first poster for the Factory Club, in June 1978. From then on, design became integral to the way that Factory projected itself into the world.

Warner Music Artist Services has collaborated with high-end fashion designers and homeware partners (Palm Angels, Softcore, Raf Simons, Stain Shade, Bang & Olufsen, Cedar Lifestyle, MJB and Umbro) to delve into and reinterpret this iconic artwork.

bang and olufsen
Bang and Olufsen

Ahead of the merchandise being available, Manchester’s Science & Industry Museum launched a new exhibition dedicated to one of the city’s most influential record labels (which runs until 3rd January 2022). Here, Factory’s original designs by co-founder and Art Director Peter Saville for some of the world’s most recognisable album sleeves, plus posters and flyers, will be on display alongside other artwork commissioned by Factory. The exhibition shows the importance of Factory’s imagery; whether used as one-off flyers or album covers, each object had its own FAC Catalogue number.


Warner Music Artist Services Director of Retail Merchandise A&R Sophie Bishop, says they are proud to have the opportunity to present the artwork to a wider audience.


“The collaboration with Selfridges is a celebration of the history of music and culture. The Factory Records project will engage with current fans, whilst introducing the label, Joy Division and New Order to a younger demographic”

In conjunction with SelfridgesWarner Music Artist Services, Joy Division and New Order will be launching a range of merchandise featuring classic imagery and assets from the history of the label. From T-shirts and scented candles (inspired by Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures and New Order’s Power, Corruption & Lies) to skateboards, homeware and fashion, the imagery will appeal to original fans who lived through the heady days of the Hacienda back in the day to young music fans eager to educate themselves on this important era of music and pop culture.

For more information, visit: https://wwww.selfridges.com/cat/factory-records/

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