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Pop-Punk Singer Yungblud Throws a ‘Tanty’ Over ‘Miming’ Accusation.

In a Twitter tirade, the sensitive pop-punk star defends himself against a miming accusation from a Twitter user with 314 Followers.

Pop-punk star Yungblud came under fire for allegedly faking a guitar performance. The ‘punk’ was called out for ‘faking’ a guitar solo at a recent show.

The Twitter user shared footage of Yungblud playing a guitar solo on stage. “Guitar’s not even plugged for fucks sake,” he Tweeted.”


Yungblud, who was obviously feeling ‘fragile’ at the time, responded with a volley of Tweets, stating that the guitar was connected to a wireless receiver.

“you are a bully who wants a little ounce of attention don’t include me in your bullshit. this community’s about love. go plant a tree and stop talking bollocks,” he Tweeted.[sic]

Obviously upset that it was being alluded that he is talentless, he continued: “to whom it might concern. this is the first and last time i will ever explain myself so listen up. it’s a wireless pack which requires no wire, hence it’s wireless. secondly, im playing the guitar riff which doubles the baseline of the song and the high guitar an octave down (hence the lower a string and e string), i can finish playing early to make the vocal coz I’m covered by the bass. my strap broke and my guitar player Adam to the right of me is clearly playin the solo (rather well i might add) thirdly, if anyone would like i will have my sound man bounce the audio of my guitar track from the show. ill fookin mail it too you. i will forever back my art and i shouldn’t have to explain myself to anybody but the internet’s full of fucking morons so here we go xoxo”[sic]

Yungblud a bit miffed

Once his ‘blud’ pressure returned to normal, he changed from the obviously ‘touchy’ subject and Tweeted something a little less defensive and announced his Australian tour dates.”

AUSTRALIAA!!I i tried my best to come and play for you this year but after a lot of talks they won’t let me in, so im moving my shows to next year, i am upgrading the show in Melbourne to the arena so more of you can come[sic]


The pop-punk star is adding further headline shows in Perth, and Auckland in New Zealand.

“these shows are gonna be fookin mental im countin down the minutes,” Tweeted the man who obviously thinks capitalisation and punctuation isn’t ‘punk’ enough for him!

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