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Pop-punk Trio Miles To Nowhere Release New Single

Arizona trio release latest single ‘iLY’ set to appear on upcoming album ‘The RaceCar Phenomenon’

Phoenix, Arizona-based pop-punk trio Miles To Nowhere are set to bring their self-described “Galaxy Punk” to music fans across the globe with the release of their upcoming album ‘The RaceCar Phenomenon’ later this year. The band debuted the album’s first single ‘i.L.Y‘ on June 15th in advance of their set opening up for Authority Zero at Phoenix’s Marquee Theatre on June 18th.

Lead vocalist and guitarist Kristen Taylor says, “I.L.Y. sheds light on the darker side of love and the frustrations it can bring. While I.L.Y, an acronym for “I love you”, dives into the shadows of relationships, it also brings a manically fun, upbeat sound that’s surged with catchy melodies.”

Miles to Nowhere are a catchy three-piece hailing from Tempe, Arizona. Inspired by elements from various genres, they simply do not fit into a specific mold, so they invented their own. Being the first to coin a new subgenre called Galaxy Punk, they are inspiring the masses through their melodic melodies and raw music sensibility.

The band’s DNA consists of lead vox/guitarist Kristen Taylor (owner of Underdog Studios, professional recording and live touring sound engineer), vox/bassist Katie Grenert (music teacher at School of Rock), and drummer Richard Duran (seasoned musician/music lover turned forever drummer of the band).

Combined, they have decades of experience in the music industry and have travelled all over the western United States. Inspired creatively by personal experiences, their live set is fun-filled with high energy from start to finish, which makes it impossible not to dance along. Collectively, they are not influenced by any other bands as much as they are inspired by life itself to create sounds that take you on a musically induced adventure.

The trio’s newest full-length release, ‘The RaceCar Phenomenon‘, is a true representation of who they are as musicians and individuals. Produced by Kristen and Katie at Underdog Studios, and mixed by Ricardo Lozano, the album surges with upbeat vibes and dark insightful lyrics.

Each track has peaks and valleys, with addictive hooks of realness. This new addition to Miles to Nowhere’s discography proves the band authentically lives up to its name since they are continuously reaching a higher artistic level.

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