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Pop punk band Backdrop Falls release stripped down new single

A different type of offering from Backdrop Falls, new track 'Nothingness' is more of an alt-rock ballad.

Another track released from the upcoming album ‘Fairytales and Fireworks‘, ‘Nothingness‘ is a step outside the box for the band who are better known for their punk rock energy and striking guitar riffs. 

The Brazilian quartet have opened for a who’s who of punk throughout their 6 year career, including Sum 41, Against Me, Face to Face and The Hellacopters.

Catchy sing-along choruses, thick alt-rock riffs, and honest pop punk and punk rock sensibilities are some of the band’s greatest assets. The new track is part of the band’s new album which willl be released in 2023.

With acoustic guitar, strummed guitars and the already traditional melodic vocals and reflective and sincere lyrics, ‘Nothingness‘ is a step outside the box for the band, keeping its essence and adding to it the perspective of new horizons to be explored.

The single is an alt-rock ballad that promises to please those who already know the band’s sensibility and captivate new audiences.

Backdrop Falls

Formed by Collyer (guitar/vocals), Rafael Neutral (guitar), Breno De Souza (drums) and Marcelino Oliveira (bass), the band released its first full LP  in May 2019, entitled ‘There’s No Such Place as Home‘.

Nothingness‘ is available now on all streaming platforms via Electric Funeral Records.

Release date for ‘Fairytales and Fireworks‘ to be confirmed so keep an eye out! 

Backdrop Falls
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