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Pink Suits aren’t playing by the rules in new vid!

It’s not all beaches and amusement parks in Margate ya know….the town has another claim to fame. It’s home to Pink Suits- the feminist queer political punk duo that we desperately need.

Fierce, uncompromising, and with their sights firmly set on those who discriminate, oppress or degrade, Pink Suits are calling out bullshit and offering a hand of solidarity to anyone marginalised by the systems we live within. This is what punk can and should be- bold, challenging and making it clear that anyone with Fascist tendencies or sympathies is simply not gonna be tolerated.

Following their blazing debut album ‘Political Child‘ (2021), Lennie and Ray and coming back hard with their second album ‘Dystopian Hellscape’ due for release in the Spring and their politically aggressive stance is still as angry and galvanised as ever (as you can probably tell by the title of the album!).

As a bit of a taster, the band have released a new single- ‘Refuse the Rules’ – just over a minute and a half of pure empowered rage.

Playing on and expanding the protest slogan ‘if you can’t respect my existence, expect my resistance’, the song fills that 90 seconds with righteous anger directed at those who expect compliance and silence from people whose very identity is threatened and ridiculed. But it also posits the pair as committed to principles of fairness and justice- so if you are too, you’ve found your new allies and your new favourite band.

Combining the epic riffs-and-beats-duo combo of The White Stripes, with all the ferocious riot grrrl energy of Bikini Kill, plus a healthy dose of Peaches-inspired inhibitionless queer joy, pink suits offer something completely unique: an immense formidable force, tinged with an infectious vibrant spirit and colourful charisma. Raging, yet uplifting; punk anthems that we need now more than ever. 

There’s undoubtedly a resurgence of radical political punk and I’m here for it- with rights and freedoms under threat from all angles, all over the world, the power of seeing such fearless representation of issues around inclusion and identity on the stage is how music can help change the world.

Your country needs you- TO REFUSE THE RULES! More power to Pink Suits!

‘Refuse The Rules’ is out now ahead of their pink suits’ upcoming second album, ‘Dystopian Hellscape’, set for release in Spring 2024.

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