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Peruvian Punks Las Ratapunks, mark Año de la Rata with new 7″ EP single

LAS ratapunks

The hardcore fem-punk band from Peru release their stunning 7″ EP single“Fracaso, Año de la Rata 2020” (Failure, Year of the Rat 2020). You have to play this loud! 

Hailing from the highland city of Cajamarca, Peru’s Las Ratapunks play melodic hardcore that’ll jerk you awake and drag you off to Google Translate if you don’t know enough Spanish to sing along.

Their new 7” EP single, Fracaso, Año de la Rata 2020 (Failure, Year of the Rat 2020), sees the quartet of Yk, Irma, Kiara and Wendi squeeze four songs into its two sides, each one an energetic slice of punk.

Over the course of just seven minutes, Apatìa (apathy), Ministerio (ministry), Los Ladrones (thieves) and La Pieza (the piece) tackle corruption, indifference, hypocrisy and society’s absurdities.

Listen to the six-track digital-only version below (7″ Single remastered)

The opening Apatìa is a particular highlight with its vocal – and musical – rat-a-tat start, rapid-fire delivery, gang vocals and blink-and-you’ll-miss-them harmonies. Combined with Ministerio, it makes for a great 1-2 punch.

The single is being jointly put out by Amok Records, Kibou Records and No Front Teeth Records and follows the release of 2020’s international fem-punk compilation Girlz Disorder Volume 1, which included one track from the same sessions.

As hardcore continues to splinter and mutate, Las Ratapunks show that surprising twists and turns can still be made within a more traditional approach – which bodes well for the debut LP they hope to have finished by November.

Buy 7″ EP Single here

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