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Monday, January 30, 2023

Paris Texas Punks, Rules of Engagement, are wondering what’s happen to the underground

The Texas punks are back with a snarky, tongue-in-cheek skate punk track ‘Underground Guy’. 

The track, out now on Punkerton Records, is brand new but has been years in the making.  “We first made the song in high school, and it had never been recorded,” explains the band. “But Brandon from Punkerton Records had made a recording of him and a friend playing the song a few years later and had added some of his own lyrics to it as well.” 

Rules of Enragement blends old-school punk rock, thrash metal, and progressive rock to deliver a dynamic and explosive musical experience.  Founded in Paris, Texas, the band has reunited after a 16-year hiatus and decided to revisit “Underground Guy”, combining some of the original lyrics with Brandon’s version and newly written parts. The cherry on top? A cameo from SLC Punk writer and director, James Merendino, who was kind enough to offer an updated quote from his seminal movie to kick off the track.

Written by Robert Cox, Chris Lindsey, Courtney Johnson and Brandon Lewis, “Underground Guy” was recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by Chris Lindsey and is the leadoff single from Rule of Enragement’s upcoming album, ‘Kill The Masters’, due out later in 2022. 

Along with the single, the band has released a lyric video.  Listen to the song on Spotify now or check out the lyric video above.

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