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Our Darkest Days rise above with new single and music video release, “Against All Odds”

Quebec City skate-punks have dropped yet another flat-out single off their full-length album Snakes & Ladders.

Sometimes life itself can feel like a game of Snakes and Ladders and the Canadian five-piece outfit Our Darkest Days are fortunately climbing ladders at every roll of the dice.

Latest single release ‘Against All Odds’ comes out of the gate at a frantic pace and never lets up courtesy of energetic drummer Sean Conners. It’s full speed ahead with harmonic guitar riffs, punchy sing-along vocals and the track also includes a guest vocalist in Étienne Dionne of tireless D.I.Y. punk band Mute.

About the LP, vocalist Vince Fournier says, “Snakes & Ladders is the result of months of effort, sacrifice, adaptation due to COVID, tons of hours of songwriting and perfecting to surpass what we did on our first album. We put our guts and our hearts in every verse, every chorus, every word and every melody on this album. Snakes & Ladders is filled with emotion from the first to the last note, we hope you will feel them and live through our songs, the whole range of emotions that have marked us throughout the creation of this.”

Since their inception in 2012, Our Darkest Days have fine-tuned their bustling skate-punk sound to stand apart from many other punk rock acts. With most band members playing the live circuit for the past 20 years, their aural assault has evolved from their early influences to stand alone as an established shining light. Fans of fast melodic punk bands such as Ignite, Propagandhi, Lagwagon, Good Riddance and Strung Out will love Our Darkest Days.

Against All Odds is the latest single from the bands’ 2020 album Snakes and Ladders, available now digitally and on CD via Thousand Islands Records (North America) and Lockjaw Records (UK/Europe).

Snakes and Ladders Tracklist

These Fast Times feat. Steven Rawles
When Dust Settles
A Sea Of Lies
Countdown To The End
Through Our Veins
Lost For Words
Influent Sores
Against All Odds feat. Étienne Dionne
All That Remains
The Road To Nothingness
Silence Is Golden feat. Geir Pedersen
Snakes & Ladders feat. Valérie Morin

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