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OC pop-punk band Moldy Roses, sign with punk label Wiretap Records.

moldy roses

Orange County, CA pop-punk band Moldy Roses, have announced signing with SoCal based punk label Wiretap Records.

Based in Southern California, the quartet, which includes members who have previously played in such groups as FireBurn, Time to Kill, and Deadbeat, have re-released their 3-track 2020 mini-ep (produced by Kyle McAulay of Spanish Love Songs ) that perfectly showcases their penchant for gigantic hooks.

Talking about the experience of shooting the music video for “Millenial Falcons” the band says…

“Lucky for us, (lead singer) Quin’s landlord is a 6th and 7th-grade art teacher who mentioned to us that he was moving classrooms and had an empty one to spare for a day. We knew the timing of the janitors and had to film the entirety of the video in about 5 hours in between their shifts. Once the morning janitor left, we piled into the classroom with lights and cameras and spent the next 5 hours shooting as much film as we could with whatever we had available. ”

“Bleach” and “Millennial Falcons” are both taken from the band’s self-titled debut EP, out now.

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Moldy Roses are: Quin Manchester, Guitar/vocals, Kevan O’Connor, Guitar, Nick Viterelli, Bass, Nick Townsend, Drums

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