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Orange County Emo/Punks Crossing I’s Dotting T’s Put Their Feelings Aside

The Self-proclaimed emo-gressive punk rockers, have released their brutally moody new single ‘All Feelings Aside’.

From the soft verse vocals echoing a sentiment of insecurity and not belonging to the blasting vocal chorus, ‘All Feelings Aside’ is a grungey, alt-rock, sonically-large song and screams of desperation for not wanting to do the same old things as everyone else.

Starting in his bedroom and car in Orange County, Matt Mucerino began to write songs until he teamed up with Alex Estrada of Pale Moon Audio (known for his work with Joyce ManorTouchéAmoré and Nails, as well as being the frontman of Silver Snakes). 

Estrada helped produce and engineer Crossing I’s Dotting T’s debut EP, with the band also picking up an endorsement from Orange Amps.

The band is a raw, original force that morphs from different rock genres such as alternative, punk and emo. This combo provides hard-hitting yet catchy songs intended to evoke emotion.

Crossing I's Dotting T's - All Feelings Aside - Artwork

Crossing I’s Dotting T’s consists of a group of music-loving guys, including Matt Mucerino(lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Soren (Zo), Crisell (lead guitar), Oliver (Oli Humbucker), Callison(bass, backing vocals) and Mat Miranda (drums).

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