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One Hidden Frame Announce New Album

The Finnish punks have released a new politically-charged single, ‘Watch For Your Head On The Way Out’.

One Hidden Frame has revealed album details and has launched pre-orders for I Am Not Here out April 8th, via Thousand Islands Records (North and South Americas) and Lockjaw Records (UK/EU).

An ecstatic energy burst that goes straight to the point. This melodic hardcore punk rock ride will give you brake-failing goosebumps and a speeding ticket. You’re welcome.

The band says, “A recent research of data from 50 years by David Hope of the London School of Economics and Julian Limberg of King’s College London found that tax cuts for the rich in 18 countries predominantly benefited the wealthy. “Cutting taxes on the rich increases top income shares, but has little effect on economic performance.” So it seems our heads are safe when it comes to anything trickling down on us.”

OHF has musically moved forward all the time with 5 albums released: Time To React (2005), Comforting Illusion (2007), Giant Steps (2009), the Water Seems Inviting (2013), Harmful Content (2017) and a split 7″ with Thousand Oaks (2018). They’ve been happy to perform at Manchester Punk Festival, twice in Punk Rock Holiday and +20 countries.

I Am Not Here Tracklist

1 – Run To The Rescue With Love
2 – Information Blackout
3 – Distract And Digress
4 – Watch For Your Head On The Way Out
5 – You Are Free To Go
6 – Dry Out
7 – Obstacles
8 – The Playground
9 – Tunnel Vision
10 – And The Crowd Roars
11 – I Am Not Here
12 – Wipe The Slate Clean

You can pre-order I Am Not Here, due out April 8th HERE.

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