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F**k Yeah! It’s Finally Here – The Coolest Punk Magazine of the Decade!

Welcome to the new, shiny, Punktuation magazine website! Over the coming weeks, months and years we aim to become the ‘punkiest purveyors of punk in publishing’ as we bodyslam our way through the circle pit of punk-life together!

Marvel at our mind-blowingly, interesting, features, exclusive interviews, latest news, and cool stuff on punk fashion! Stare in awe at our crisp, sexy and easy to navigate design and literally shit yourself with excitement as you realise this is the best damn punk mag you have read today!

Loads more is planned for Punktuation in the coming weeks including; an online store, regular podcasts AND exclusive video content! So please, bookmark us as a fave and keep coming back and checking in – your mind will be totally blown at just how fast we are growing!

We know! We know! It’s all incredibly overwhelming and exciting and there’s sooo much to take in. No doubt, like us, you’re feeling a strange mixture of excitement, a sense of awe and possibly a little bit of sexual arousal!

However, keep your undies firmly on, take a deep breath and go explore the pages in Punktuation! Magazine