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Nova Twins Unite POC Punk, Rock and Alt Communities for Charity Compilation LP

nova twins

Proving to be a continual force to be reckoned with, Nova Twins are turning up the volume on their fight to create a stage for underrepresented artists, with a new compilation showcasing Alternative POC (Persons of Colour) talent.

Titled, ‘Nova Twins Presents Voices For The Unheard’, the limited-edition vinyl, is backed by Dr Martens which means that 100% of the compilation’s sales price goes directly towards raising funds for The Black Curriculum – a social enterprise founded in 2019 to address the lack of Black British history in the UK Curriculum.

The 12-track album featuring Big Joanie, Connie Constance, OBGMs, and more is a continuation of singer and guitarist Amy Love and bassist Georgia South’s ‘Voices For The Unheard’ project, created in June 2020 as part of their efforts to further conversations around the Black Lives Matter movement.

To celebrate the vinyl launch, Nova Twins will sit down with Big Joanie, Connie Constance, Loathe and Death Tour for an exclusive live-streamed conversation centred on their experiences as emerging POC artists rebelling against the norm on Thursday 4th February at 7pm GMT on the @drmartensofficial Instagram channel.

For more information, head to www.drmartens.com/uk/en_gb/dm-presents/nova-twins


1. Nova Twins – Taxi
2. The OBGMs – All My Friends
3. Connie Constance – Monty Python 
4. Unity TX – Cross Me 
5. LustSickPuppy – Goatmeal 
6. Death Tour – Scared
7. Loathe – Aggressive Evolution 
8. Oxymorrons – Green Vision 
9. Pussycat and The Dirty Johnsons  – Ain’t No Pussy
10. Khx05 – Trouble 
11. Zhariah – Bitch Boy
12. Big Joanie – Fall Asleep (Live at Hermitage Works Studios)

DATE: Thursday 4th February 2021
LINE-UP: Nova Twins, Big Joanie, Connie Constance, Death Tour, Loathe
LINK: www.instagram.com/drmartensofficial

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