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Norwegian punk bands Freedumb and Hella Rebelliön drop new singles

Feverish is the first Freedumb song to feature guitarist Kim Trøbråten on lead vocals. Feverish was the last of the songs to be finished during the album sessions with co-producer Bjarte Lund Rolland (Kvelertak) at Malabar Studio in Oslo.

Freedumb’s mix of punk/rock/metal goes new places and the band says that the upcoming album Social Hangover “promises a wider musical range than previous releases”

The Norwegian punk/rock band has been around since 2003 with a diverse musical approach during the years with includes nods to hardcore, rock, metal and pop/punk. The band has also seen some lineup changes since its incarnation and the upcoming album Social Hangover’ will be the band’s fourth album.

Listen to Feverish Here

The band is working with the label Fücking North Pole Records and is a member of the Østfold punk collective Tonehjulet Kräftpest together with bands like Göttemia, Fork, Lucky Malice, Norsk Råkk to name a few.

The current lineup of the band is: Torstein Eriksen (Norsk Råkk, Friksjon) on bass/vocals, Kim Trøbråten (FORK) on guitar/vocals, Arne-Magnus Fjelle (Blodstrupmoen) on drums and newly addition Ola Ervik Gjersdal (Göttemia) on guitar/vocals.

The Album, ‘Social Hangover’ is set for release on 8 October 2022 on Fücking North Pole Records. PRE SAVE:

Hella Rebellion
Hella Rebellion

Freedumb’s Torstein Eriksen is also the guest vocalist on ‘Raw Youth’ the new single by Hella Rebelliön. a tracks that’s inspired by the early 2000s in Oslo when Elm Street was the coolest rock club in Norway.

Hella Rebelliön, are a hard-hitting rock outfit that “rose from the remnants of a train crash in Ålesunds dimly lit back alleys.” Hella Rebelliön play punk rock with references to several of the 21st century’s greatest Norwegian rock giants. The tracks are steeped in a drive and aggressiveness that draws parallels to bands like Turbonegro and Poison Idea

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