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NO NO NO NO NO release predatory new single ‘Sharksfin’

Adelaide Pop-Punk outfit NO NO NO NO NO (also known as NX5) are armed to the teeth with tenacious energy and emotive heaviness in new single ‘Sharksfin’ – out October 22.

Bringing an inescapable power-punk potency to everything they do, NX5 have experienced a wildly loaded year, releasing sophomore EP ’30mg’, as well as their scorching rendition of Good Charlotte classic ‘Keep Your Hands Off My Girl’, which caught the attention of Benji Madden himself.

Now, surfacing in a predatory attack of grinding guitar riffs, ‘Sharksfin’ circles with a sharp intensity, the dark lyrical depth of the track at odds with frontman Luke Shaw’s forceful yet melodic vocals.

With a teeth-sinking hook-filled chorus and an impenetrable wall of dogged metal drumming, the song walks a distinctive NX5 knife’s edge between ruthless hardcore and intoxicating pop-punk, constantly on the hunt for those imposing metal-inspired breakdowns.

NO NO NO NO NO – SHARKSFIN…Check it out!

With a screaming splash, a ferocious drum solo unveils one final boat-rocking chorus, before being thrown into the vast expanse.

Built around a single thought which occurred during a terrible first-hand experience,  Shaw wrote ‘Sharksfin’ using an astute lyrical technique, leaving the song open to interpretation for anyone else experiencing a dark mindset. 

Shaw further explains:‘Sharksfin’ was written about something horrible that happened to me… I was thinking about how I felt sitting in my car that night with police lights illuminating the rain on the windshield, noticing how the bit of window that neither of the wipers were able to reach looked like a circling shark. It was an odd, childlike thought to be having at that specific moment considering the situation I was in…”

NX5 are forging a forceful path of success, winning the Heavy Award at the 2020 SA Music Awards, piquing the interest of fellow pop/punk heavyweights such as Eamon Sandwith (The Chats) and Benji Madden (Good Charlotte), as well as receiving support from Triple J, Triple J Unearthed, Scenestr and much more.

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