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NO NO NO NO NO Release Epic Rendition Of A Good Charlotte Classic.

Aussie pop punk/post-hardcore NX5 have brought the heyday of noughties emo-punk straight to 2021 with their cover of Good Charlotte’s Keep Your Hands Off My Girl.

With their addictive fusion of sticky pop-punk melodies, clever songwriting and emotive post-hardcore heaviness, No No No No No, aka NX5, expertly combine their musical influences to deliver a sound that emanates with their own undeniable flair.

Now, NX5 emphasise their individuality by completely owning this cover, elevating it with gnarly vocals, chugging riffs and deafening drums. Moving between the two contrasting vocal styles, from quintessential nasal-punk to the deep growl of heavy metal, the verse quickly builds to the all-encompassing, anthemic chorus, designed to be screamed.

Even Benji Madden himself has given it his seal of approval.


Punk hearts race as NX5 continue to ramp up the energy, refusing to back down at any point as they introduce an epic breakdown in the track’s second half, loaded with weighted guitars, unyielding drumming and a heavy tempo change that should come with a warning.

NX5’s version of Keep Your Hands Off My Girl is delivered alongside a nostalgic music video that sees the boys reconnecting with their inner scene-kid, paying homage to the original song’s clip whilst also incorporating an irresistible NX5 flavour. Declan Boss explains why they were drawn to covering this particular track:

We chose to cover Keep Your Hands Off My Girl because we didn’t want to cover a super popular song, we wanted something that was right in that sweet spot between nostalgic, but not generic, and not quite lost to time, but something nobody has thought of in a little while. We also found it really lends itself to the little twist we added. Plus it was the only way to do “Hip Hop” without sounding like Nu-Metal.”

In just two short years, since the band’s debut in 2019, NX5 has played sold-out shows, won an SA Music Award, and recently released their sophomore EP 30mg, which showcases their unique style of heavy-pop.

NO NO NO NO NO’s epic cover of Keep Your Hands Off My Girl and its accompanying music video is out now!

Stream it HERE

No No No No No - NX5

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