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NEXØ’s New LP ‘False Flag’ is Anything But a Setup

NEXØ’, The Danish hardcore punks released their second album yesterday via TNSrecords.

The UK-based DIY punk label welcomed the Copenhagen four-piece earlier this month and NEXØ played last night (Friday 15 April) on TNS’ home turf in Manchester at the Zombie Shack as part of the Manchester Punk Festival.

TNS said: “NEXØ is sheer urgency and bottled up energy – something is at stake.

“The music is a raw fist of noise but always with a keen sense of melody.”

“False Flag” revolves around truth as a washed-up term when alternative facts govern the powers that be and social media has democratised the assassination of objective reality.

The band will be celebrating the release of their new album, which will also be put out by 5FeetUnder Records and Kink Records, with a show at their favourite bar, Lygtens Kro, on 19 May.

‘False Flag’ tracklisting

Side A:

01.) Eulogy

02.) Truthicide

03.) Demise

04.) Out of sight

05.) Lachrymator

06.) 404

Side B:

01.) Adjustment day

02.) Anger

03.) Headline stress disorder

04.) White lies

05.) Conspiritualist

06.) The kids are not alright

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