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New Zealand’s Voodoo Bloo to release debut album

voodoo bloo

New Zealand indie rock punks Voodoo Bloo release their forthcoming album ‘Jacobus’ on December 4 – you need to check it out!

Think of New Zealand, and millions of people around the world conjure up thoughts of Hobbits running around Middle Earth, a country with more sheep than people, great wine and the All Black Haka! Punk music doesn’t usually spring to mind! However, New Zealand’s Voodoo Blood might change that perception.

“The moniker of songwriter and musician Rory McDonald, Voodoo Bloo and their new music comes to punk rock fans with urgency and excitement powering it throughout.”

Skope Magazine

Their new single, Ha Ha Ok Ok‘ offers a punk-rock cocktail that takes its influences from fellow indi punk bands Alkaline Trio and Jimmy Eat World.

“This is actually the oldest song on the album, but still very much felt like a story I wanted to tell,” Rory McDonald, the band’s singer/songwriter says.

“This track is about those egomaniacs who you can see are struggling on the inside, but push their emotions away for the chance of popularity and climbing the social ranks.”

The forthcoming album Jacobus is released December 4th and Rory says he’s beyond excited to finally share it.

“So many hours have been put into this. Writing, re-writing, recording, re-recording, mixing, re-mixing, I’m sure you get the idea, but this really has been a long-time coming, and I really hope you’ll enjoy the final product.”

For the single’s video Voodoo Bloo and videographer, Alex Hargreaves decided to bring ‘Ha Ha Ok Ok’ to life with visuals filmed in Auckland.

“We had ten hours to get all the shots we needed and I honestly still felt like I was in the back of a moving truck for hours after we finished, but it’s an experience I will never ever forget,” Rory says.

Jacobus is released on 4th December. Pre Order the album below!

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