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Never Mind The Price Tag

Rare film footage of the historic Buzzcocks and Sex Pistols gig at Manchester’s Free Trade Hall is to go to auction and expected to sell for some ‘filthy lucre’!

Rare film footage from the gig that is said to have heralded the beginning of the UK punk scene will go to auction later this month. The film captures two Sex Pistol performances at Manchester’s Free Trade Hall in June and July 1976.

The June concert was described as “the gig that changed the world” and inspired a generation of musicians who attended the performance.

The Buzzcocks organised the Manchester concerts after watching the Sex Pistols play in London. Just 40 people attended the June 4 concert, but it featured many artists who would shape punk music history.

pete shelley

Attendees of the shows included Tony Wilson, who was inspired to start the independent record label Factory Records, and Peter Hook, who co-founded Joy Division and New Order and was said to have bought a bass guitar after the concert.

If you want to get the footage and the copyright, the price tag is upwards of £20,000 when it goes up for sale on September 14. 

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Auctioneer Paul Fairweather said: “These concerts have entered into punk folklore and justifiably so. The show’s impact and the events they inspired truly did change the course of musical history.

“The footage shows the Pistols at their sneering, swaggering best and truly does capture what must have been so electrifying for the audiences lucky enough to have attended. We think they are incredibly exciting and can’t wait to see how they will go on auction day.”

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