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Pop-Punk Band Nearly Spent Accidentally Fall In Love For Valentine’s Day

Southwest Florida pop-punk band cover a Counting Crows classic

Showing their softer side for Valentine’s Day, the Sunshine State quintet Nearly Spent follow on from the release of January’s “Hello” with a pop-punk iteration of the classic Counting Crows‘ ballad ‘Accidentally In Love‘.

Having formed during the pandemic, and spent the bulk of the COVID years creating their debut EP, Nearly Spent have crafted an energetic, heart-on-sleeve and driving pop-punk soundscape, deftly balancing urgency and melody.

Honing the best of modern-day pop-punk, with nods to artists such as Real Friends, Chunk! No, Captain Chunk and Neck Deep, Nearly Spent’s Valentine’s Day-ready new cover of Counting Crows‘ Accidentally In Love” follows the release on January’s buoyant ‘Hello’, the two setting the wheels in the motion for Spring’s debut EP release.‘Nearly Spent’ is out April 22nd.

Nearly Spent is: 
Eric Calderon – Lead Vocals 
Ryan Vega – Guitar, Vocals 
Paul O’Neill Castro -Guitar 
Leo Cartelli – Bass 
Ryan White – Drums

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