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Native Tongue Music Publishing Signs New Zealand’s Die! Die! Die!

The New Zealand punk outfit Die! Die! Die! has been added to the roster of Native Tongue Publishing.

Marking a new point in the relationship between the band and Native Tongue, the band’s Andrew Wilson said they’ve known the label’s managing director, Jaime Gough, for more than a decade.

‘We are really honoured to join the Native Tongue wh?nau,’ Wilson said. ‘We’ve known Jaime Gough for over 15 years, and are excited to finally have the opportunity to work together.’

Gough reciprocated the love in a separate statement, saying that they wanted to represent the band since they heard their self-titled debut album in 2005.

‘They have continued to craft their unique version of angular post-punk, pushing their sound further with every subsequent release. The forthcoming album is their best work yet. Good things come, this will be fun.’

The signing comes ahead of the band’s new album, ‘This Is Not An Island Anymore‘, which is set for release next February. They dropped the album’s first single, ‘Losing Sight, Keep On Kicking’, on November 19.

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