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Moscow Death Brigade Come Over All Acoustic!

The ski-masked rap\punk troublemakers from Russia are back with a new music video for their fresh acoustic track ‘Flares Are Burning’.

The band, which just got back on stage after nearly two-year lockdown and successfully completed the first part of their Euro-Tour, released a new video for one of the tracks from their recent fully acoustic EP. 

While demonstrating the band members playing acoustic guitars and rapping, the video also contains a number of cameos from other bands, including Los Fastidios, The Restarts, Feine Sahne Fischfilet, Animal, Stage Bottles, Non-Servium, Tagada Jones, Mister X, Messed Up, Enraged Minority.

“We were writing this song during the tough times for everyone, including our band, – says one of the band’s MCs – Ski Mask G, – While our 80+ date worldwide tour was postponed, it wasn’t the only trouble brought by the global pandemic and we knew that so many people around the planet had to struggle with extremely serious problems and losses.

“So the idea of this song was to represent hope, shining like a flare in the complete darkness, at least for ourselves. Working on this song lifted our spirit and we hope it may do the same to people who listen to our music. The flare is also a symbol of street activism, unity and friendship, that’s why we decided to ask our friends from various bands around the world to take part, sending the videos of them singing the chorus”. 

The music video also contains animated parts, drawn by the band in its own graffiti-inspired recognisable style. Moscow Death Brigade are known for writing their name and graffiti characters in nearly every city they play and it often finds representation in their music videos and album covers.

While Moscow Death Brigade is usually associated with an organ-shattering bass, powerful electronic beats and electronic sound, the new EP “Flares Are Burning” is fully acoustic.

The record presents the band’s MC’s Boltcutter Vlad, Ski Mask G and Ghettoblaster G-Ruff rapping over acoustic guitar riffs and folk music-inspired solos.

Moscow Death Brigade

On Flares Are Burning MDB maintain their high-energy attitude with aggressive hip-hop rhymes and the whole gang bellowing anthem-like choruses. As always MDB lyrics that call for unity are inspired by street culture, graffiti, and struggles against hateful ideologies and injustices while being peppered with a wide range of references from heavy metal and hip-hop artists to books, video games and movies.

The EP contains 2 original tracks written specifically for this record and 2 acoustic versions of MDB classics loved by fans – Ghettoblaster and Sound of Sirens.

In November 2022 Moscow Death Brigade starts the second part of their Euro-Tour 2021. 


24.11.21 NL Amsterdam – Melkweg
25.11.21 DE Hamburg – Uebel & Gefährlich
26.11.21 DE Berlin – Festsaal Kreuzberg
27.11.21 DE Rostock – Peter Weiss Haus
29.11.21 CZ Prague – Futurum
30.11.21 CZ Budweis – MC Fabrika
01.12.21 DE Dresden – Chemiefabrik
02.12.21 DE Nuremberg – Desi
03.12.21 DE Mainz – Postlager
04.12.21 DE Cologne – Helios37
16.12.21 GR Athens – Temple Club
17.12.21 GR Thessaloniki – Eightball Club
18.12.21 BG Sofia – Hardcore X-Mas Fest  

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