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Moby Announces Launch of his Debut Film documentary ‘Punk Rock Vegan’

An insight into the surprising history of punk rock and animal rights.

Moby has been a vegan and vegan activist for 35 years. He grew up in and around New York City and played guitar with Connecticut and NYC hardcore band, The Vatican Commandos. He also sang with Flipper for two days, even though none of the remaining members of Flipper actually remember this. Moby loves making music, but his life’s work is helping to create a world wherein animals and all sentient beings are simply free to live their own lives. To help generate animal rights awareness Moby started filming.

‘Punk Rock Vegan Movie’, a new documentary written and directed by Moby, will have its world premiere and will set the precedent as the opening night film for the 2023 Slamdance Film Festival. It will be held on January 20th in Park City, Utah. The film, which is Moby’s directorial debut, is a passionate and stylistically idiosyncratic look at the ongoing relationship between the worlds of punk rock and animal rights. It includes interviews with some of the biggest names in punk and rock history, like Ian Mackaye, HR, Dave Navarro, Rob Zombie, Davey Havok, Sergio Vega, Tim McIlrath, Derrick Green, Steve Ignorant, Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein, Amy Lee, Captain Sensible and many more. 


Moby tells the story of how punk rock became such a fertile and surprising breeding ground for vegan activism. The movie is also a call to action, unapologetically reminding people that in a deeply broken world it’s incumbent upon each of us to stand up and fight intelligently, passionately, and loudly against injustice.

In the spirit of punk rock, Moby will be giving the film away for free following the Slamdance premiere. It will be available to “Download, stream or destroy!”

“The ‘Punk Rock Vegan Movie’ was created to shine a light on the surprising and inspiring history of punk rock and animal rights, but also to remind people of the importance and desperate urgency of adopting the uncompromising ethics and actions of the original punk rock activists,” said Moby. “After it makes its world premiere at Slamdance, it’s yours. It’s my goal to give the movie away, as I can’t in good conscience try to profit from what is essentially a labor of love and activism.”

Learn more about the film’s premiere at Slamdance Film Festival by visiting: www.slamdance.com

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