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MITCH, PLEASE Smash Out Debut EP ‘The Bin Collection’

Brisbane’s Mitch, Please have exploded into the local music scene like an unexpected glitter bomb filled with a bit of Pop, a bit of Punk, a little bit of light and a little bit of heavy. Today, they gift the world with their debut EP, ‘The Bin Collection’. 

The debut release features six tracks set to get your body movin’, your head boppin’ and have you fallin’ a little in love with this four-piece punk-nerd band. With relatable content that will have you saying ‘f**k yeah!’ on more than one occasion, the topics covered include the monotony of circle pits at gigs, neighbourhood cats who won’t show you their attention as much as you wish they would, when the ‘trash’ takes itself out but leaves a sticky mess – and many other relatable things. 

‘The Bin Collection’ was recorded and mixed by Darek Mudge at The Plutonium and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege. The EP’s artwork featuring the band as trash Punk kitty’s was created by Katherine Jukes. The lead single, Neighbourhood Cat was an instant hit and took out the #4 spot in the 4ZZZ Hot 100 in 2019.

Mitch, Please are Polly Cooke – Vocals and Keys, Nick Bragg – Bass, Ryan Masters – Guitar and Kayla Philp – Drums.

The band formed in 2018. Polly explains how the band came to be: “The short version of our origin story is Bragg decided who he wanted to be in a band with, then one night asked each of us to be in a band with himself and these other people as if the other people had already said yes, and he was either very lucky or very tricksy that we all did. We were duped, and I’m not mad”

With a frontwoman who can go from singing as sweetly as Kylie Minogue to screaming, guttural vocals delivered with aggression that would have her fit into any metal gig Mitch, Please are set for some really big things and are having a super fun time doing so.  

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Important Note: Mitch, Please does not actually contain any Mitch’s but they do know one Mitch and he might even be at some of their shows, if he’s not too busy on the day.