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Misgivings Drop New Single ‘You Don’t Depend On Anyone’

Taken from their soon-to-be-released second album, ‘Dream Neighbour’ the UK punk band release brilliant new single.

Approaching the tail end of a decade as a band, Misgivings are back with ‘Dream Neighbour’ the follow up to their debut album ‘Hermitage’ (Lockjaw Records, 2018), further expanding upon the quartet’s approach to classic British punk rock poured through an indie/power pop filter.

The band’s sound is a love letter to the British influences on American indie rock classics such as Hüsker Dü, Guided by Voices and Jawbreaker, while also drawing inspiration from the fine example set on the South Coast by bands such as The Stayawakes, Latchstring & Harker

Frontman, Will Pearce’s songwriting and lyrics are reflective, and even more-so on this album. The third track from the album, ‘You Don’t Depend On Anyone’ explores his creative process.

“This song is what set the theme of the record for me, how the nature of music and lyric writing can sometimes lead you down a negative path. The lyrics are very raw to me. ‘You’ve never said the words, you’ve only written’; in life we have this beautiful way where we can write and be heard, whether we are writing lyrics, writing stories or sharing our thoughts online, and a desire to be individualistic as we do these things, but the real beauty in life is when we get to the point where we can share it with others, and we all can struggle with that part.”

This healthier view on life is hardly coming from a preachy place, and the learning is still stirred in with humour and enthusiasm, “I’m enjoying the irony of releasing a song called ‘Sober Forever’ when we’re a band who once released a t-shirt with a skull drinking a beer and smoking a bong, so it’s one of our ‘growing’ songs but I don’t think it’s a grower, I think it’s an instant hit.”

The song ‘You Don’t Depend On Anyone’ is available to listen to on all digital music platforms. –

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Misgivings are: Will Pearce – Guitar / Vocals Ollie Richardson – Guitar / Vocals Martin Spooner – Bass Rob Day – Drums

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