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Milwaukee Punks, Avenues, Announce New Studio Album.

The new album ‘We’re All Doomed’ is set for release on November 19 via SBÄM Records and Wiretap Records.

With a mix of ’90s skate punk and ’80s old school pop-punk, Avenues are the latest discovery to hit the streets from the U.S.A.

Four years in the making, the road to the new album ‘We’re All Doomed’ has not been an easy one. In 2017, midway through production at Atlas Studios in Chicago, drummer Marc-Alan fell almost fatally ill and spent most of 2018 in hospital after a failed surgery.

In solidarity with their fallen band member, the band continued to work relentlessly on the album until 2019, when the closing of Atlas Studios in Chicago would throw another obstacle in their way. After a lengthy search for a new studio, the band finally got back to work in late 2019, when the Covid-19 Pandemic would delay their release even further.

Through sheer determination, hard work and a bit of punk magic, the album is now complete and ready to hit the shelves.

From setbacks to strengths, the creative process of this album is definitely worn on the sleeves of Avenues and can be felt in every track. Their sound lies somewhere between The Ramones and Pennywise, and despite hailing from the West, the band are heavily influenced by the East-Coast, Bay Area punk revival.

We’re All Doomed’ will debut on SBÄM Records and Wiretap Records on November 19, with the single ‘Lights Out’ released on October 22.

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