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Miles To Nowhere Release New Album

The rising Phoenix, Arazona-based pop-punks have dropped their latest LP ‘The RaceCar Phenomenon.

Miles To Nowhere is set to bring their self-described “Galaxy Punk” to music fans across the globe with their latest offering. The band’s newest full-length release, The RaceCar Phenomenon, is a true representation of who they are as musicians and individuals.

The album surges with upbeat vibes and dark insightful lyrics. Each track has peaks and valleys, with addictive hooks of realness. This new addition to Miles to Nowhere’s discography proves the band authentically lives up to its name since they are continuously reaching a higher artistic level.

Inspired by elements from various genres, they simply do not fit into a specific mould, so they invented their own. Being the first to coin a new subgenre called Galaxy Punk, they are inspiring the masses through their melodic melodies and raw music sensibility.

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Miles To Nowhere

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