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METZ Release Skateboarding Video For ‘Sugar Pill’

Canadian punk-rockers METZ have released a black and white video for their recent single Sugar Pill.

The clip directed by Shayne Ehman sets two skateboarders against the elements, proving it’s an all-season sport. No amount of snow can stop those dedicated to the sport. “Come wind, ice, or stormy weather, we shovel snow, we torch frost, we skate,” says Ehman.

“Skateboarding feels great. We love to skate. The birds need to sing, we need to skate,” Ehman explains. “I hope the winter skateboarding footage carries with it some of the love we have for skateboarding. I hope it contains a spirit of perseverance and the will to make it happen.”

Sugar Pill is the fourth track from the band’s fourth studio album Atlas Vending, released in October last year via Sub Pop. METZ vocalist and guitarist Alex Edkins recently revealed to Andy Hughes for music blog Birthday Cake For Breatkfast; “Sugar Pill is ultimately a song about the idealized versions of ourselves that get presented online. The mass acceptance we look for. What I love about the video and the sentiments it evokes is the contrast to that – the joy it presents in embracing a passion and being unapologetic about it. It is a true testament to Shayne’s artistic ability that he was able to distil what lies at the heart of our music so effectively; a feeling/compulsion/hunger that makes us tick on a deeper level.”

Previous singles from Atlas Vending include A Boat To Drown In, Hail Taxi’ and Blind Youth Industrial Park. Atlas Vending is availble for purchase via Sub Pop Records.

Sugar Pill is available on all streaming services.

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