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Melbourne Punk Band The Jabz Urging Aussies to “Get Vaxxed”

Meet punk’s newest vaccine spokes-band who are asking you to ‘get the jab’.

With the delta variant ripping through the Australian States of New South Wales and Victoria and the country having one of the lowest vaccination rates, COVID is still very much in the headlines Down Under. Wanting to urge the public to get ‘the jab’, a quartet of rock stalwarts from Melbourne’s underground scene has come together to form a new punk supergroup with an unequivocal message and a literal call to arms.

The Jabz – aka Luke Bolton, Jake Hills, Dave Ferguson and Benny James Pertzel – have recorded a brand new punk rock anthem, urging the public to get vaccinated and bring a return to live music.

Get The Jab features the band alongside appearances from The Living End‘s Chris Cheney, The Bamboos vocalist Kylie Auldist, and even Lord Mayor of Melbourne Sally Capp getting in on the action – as they rally behind the call to kick the pandemic up the backend.

James Young, owner of the iconic Cherry Bar in Melbourne’s CBD, also joined the clip and helped co-write the lyrics for the punchy pub track.

“The Covid vaccine is the gateway drug to concerts, festivals and local gigs!” Young said of the project. 

“We want everyone, young people, in particular, to understand that the only way we are going to be set free from lockdown and be able to host, perform at and attend live music gigs again is to reach government vaccination targets, so we all must Get The Jab!

“The Covid vaccine is the gateway drug to concerts, festivals and local gigs!”James Young Cherry Bar Melbourne, Australia.

“We filmed the clip for Get The Jab under lockdown conditions, so these restrictions made it challenging. What’s new?! 

“I hastily contacted some friends of mine who I knew were supportive of the get vaxxed message. The Lord Mayor Sally Capp, Chris Cheney from The Living End, Kylie Auldist from The Bamboos, Eugene Hamilton and Live Nation CEO Roger Field are just some of the people who instantly made themselves available to support this project and this message. 

“These people have all felt the real pain of Lockdowns and yearn for a better future, only possible if we Get The Jab.”

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