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MattstaGraham Debuts Title Track from Forthcoming Album

Emo rock artist MattstaGraham has shared the final single and title track from his forthcoming debut album, Prescribe Whatever.

MatstaGraham has spoken out about his own personal struggles that led to him penning his latest single. “The first time I took drugs, it felt like all of the internal suffering I had ever felt was suddenly okay. It was like a knot that I couldn’t untie, my entire life was finally undone. Of course, I wanted to feel that way forever. Wouldn’t you?” 

“The problem with chasing that feeling is that in order to feel that way, you have to take more every time to make it work again,” he continues. “Then when what you were taking doesn’t work, you have to find new drugs. In my personal experience with addiction, there comes a point in your desperation that you will take whatever is handed to you. You want anything to kill the pain. You will either wake yourself up from this mentality or wind up killing yourself. Prescribe Whatever is the song’s name, and it is about when the desperation becomes so great that you no longer fear death.” 

The Tiktok artist was first discovered by I Surrender Records. His original track Gotta Be Productive, has racked up over 526k streams on Spotify. This sits alongside parodies of Dashboard ConfessionalTaking Back SundayMy Chemical Romanceblink-182. Featuring tongue-in-cheek lyrics and an intuitive knack for knowing just what you’re thinking, MattstaGraham is ready to shake things up and get you out of the funk that’s been following you around since early 2020. 

Prescribe Whatever is set to be released on 29th April via I Surrender Records.
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