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Friday, September 17, 2021

Long Island pop-punk quintet STFLR have dropped their new EP, ‘A Collection of Bad Ideas’.


The hook-heavy EP sees STFLR power into fall with a pugnacious and pacey dose of East Coast pop-punk.

Since their formation in the fall of 2019, STFLR started out more as therapy than a band for lifelong friends Nick Lopardo, Yianni Hansen and Anthony Guiffrida. With the launch of their debut EP, ‘Flaccid and Unused’ the young Long Island trio found the release they were looking for, and stepped up their plans and recruitment.

With the addition of childhood friends Angelo Rodrigues and Mike Moran, STFLR found their completion and their form, marrying a smart blend of direct, punchy guitars with catchy hooks and relatable lyricism. Shades of blink-182, Comeback Kid and Set Your Goals are palpable on ‘A Collection of Bad Ideas’.

STFLR is: 
Nick Lopardo – Vocals 
Yianni Hansen – Guitar 
Anthony Guiffrida – Guitar 
Mike Moran – Bass 
Angelo Rodrigues – Drums


‘A Collection of Bad Ideas’.STFLR’s sophomore EP is out now, via Spotify & Apple Music.


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