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Less Than Jake guitarist and vocalist Chris DeMakes releases ‘Father Time’ his new punk song for his pop.

Chris DeMakes releases a quintessential example of his sonic storytelling with perfect punk flair with his latest single.

The theme of Chris Demakes (guitarist, singer, songwriter for Less Than Jake), new single ‘Father Time’ coincides with the narratives depicted in his book Blast From The Past as he reflects on the time spent with his father throughout his career. The upbeat rhythm brightens the lyrical nostalgia to transform the stories of Chris’ lifetime into timeless art:

“This one is about my father,” Chris explains. “There are quite a few photos of him in the book. He’s been my biggest musical supporter over the years, as well as my best friend. He was there for me every step of the way growing up, and he still is to this day. “

Sadly, Chris’ father has been battling Parkinson’s Disease for some time now, and Chris said he wanted to write a song to honour him while he’s still with us.

“The chorus lyric says, ‘you can’t replace or outrun Father Time,’ meaning, nothing can replace the time he gave me and none of us can beat the inevitable clock,” Chris explains.


Chris has been recording and releasing music alongside promoting the release of his book which is a photographic journey through the touring life of the Less Than Jake guitarist and vocalist.

It was through a variety of costumes and alter egos that DeMakes would consistently shock and amaze fans. The weird guy that they saw in the parking lot doing callisthenics would hours later take the stage and rock out their favourite songs.

The moustached man passing out Yoo-hoo to the crowds at Warped Tour was the guy from the band headlining the main stage that night. Despite the laughs and hijinks of the Less Than Jake experience, the heart behind the songs still rang true.

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To the legions of fans of this punk rock mainstay, it is the special combination of crazy and authentic that makes every show memorable. No one had more fun living the rock and roll lifestyle than Chris and his Less Than Jake bandmates, and this book is proof. 

Aside from the book, the songwriter hosts Chris DeMakes A Podcast where he discusses the ins and outs of songwriting with a variety of guests from the world of music –legends such as Mark Hoppus (Blink-182), Mike Herrera (MxPx, Goldfinger), Jim Adkins (Jimmy Eat World), and more.


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